Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A slightly abashed introduction.

Well, hello!

....Christ, even in my head that sounds awkward. I didn't realize that social ineptitude was something that can really show a girl up in the big wide cyber-world of the blog, but apparently I'm going to have the charismatic qualities of a cucumber even on here. Sigh.

I started this thing off with the poem-y creation below because it seemed to fit the bill about me and potential blogging and my writing in general. (i.e. In order to do it, I need tea and cheese. Copious amounts of tea and cheese.) I'm not sure how much I actually like it, but that's sort of why I posted it first, so that I could cure myself of all future bashfulness surrounding my 'work'. Clearly that didn't work out too well HA but maaaayyyybeeee things will improve as time goes on.

So, I'm Lucy and I like writing, reading, dressing, painting (nails) and drinking (tea/vodka). No doubt there'll little bit about all of these things. I'm at university studying English and Creative Writing. However, my use of grammar is poor at best and I have a tendency to blahblahtalkboringblah and make rubbish jokes about being from Essex.

That's the basics.



  1. Welcome and love the introduction. Looking forward to more from the woman from Essex.

  2. charismatic qualities of a cucumber... AS IF! people are drawn to you like a moth to a flame, want to know why? you are a born writer miss. c!